March 2021 - Overview of the Abidjan-Lagos Highway Corridor Study Lot 3

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In March 2019, SCET-TUNISIE started the Feasibility design, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, detailed design and tender documents for the Construction of the Abidjan-Lagos Highway Corridor Lot 3: Togo-Benin-Nigeria (300 km in 2x3 lanes) for the benefit of ECOWAS.

This flagship project - a total length of about 1000 km - is financed by the AfDB and the EU. Its main purpose is to facilitate transport on the Abidjan-Lagos corridor, which accounts for more than 75% of West Africa's trade volume.

This study is being conducted in 4 phases :

  1. Harmonization of standards and adjustment of the methodology.
  2. Preliminary design (ECOWAS is currently organizing the validation workshop common to the 3 lots)
  3. Detailed design and technical specifications, and finally,
  4. Financing, construction and management strategy (PPP) with the elaboration of tender documents.

Various linguistic, cultural and geographical contexts; Important technical constraints; Diversity of stakeholders (Client, Member States' Administrations, partners....); 3 lots with 3 different consultants but a common schedule; Extremely tight deadlines... So many challenges to be met! In view of these particularities, a specific organisation and a dedicated highly qualified team of experts were set up for the proper coordination of the mission.



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