Technical Assistance to the Economic Community of Central African States



The main objective of the project is to contribute to the promotion of the regional integration within the Central African States, through the capacity building and the institutional support of the ECCAS, in order to:

  • contribute to the implementation of the priority actions of the PDCT-AC (Transport Masterplan – Central Africa);
  • prepare, in close coordination with the BDEAC (Central African Development Bank), the organization and the follow up of the first Donors Roundtable, aiming at mobilizing the necessary resources for the implementation of the projects of the first priority program of the PDCT-AC (short term and middle term); including 55 projects, among which 44 road projects, 1 river project, 6 maritime projects and 1 air transport project;
  • prepare the framework of the upcoming donors roundtables regarding the financing of the regional transport infrastructures projects;
  • help coordinate the implementation of the infrastructures program within the ECCAS region;
  • liaise with the focal points of the ECCAS in the member countries, in charge of the infrastructures, and support them in implementing the projects;
  • provide the ECCAS with a sub-regional purchase and procurement procedures manual, in compliance with the Paris Declaration and the Accra action agenda, and in anticipation to the implementation of the priority program of the PDCT-AC ;
  • promote the PDCT-AC through the development of a dedicated website.

Our mission

In addition to the project director, five experts will provide technical assistance and support to the client for the implementation of this project:

  • Head of Mission - Transport Economist
  • A civil engineer (transport infrastructure expert)
  • A transport economist (responsible for the preparation of the international funders round table)
  • A procurement specialist (public procurement)
  • An ICT specialist (website design)