Burkina Faso


The purpose of the PDDO II is to support the territorial development of the Commune of Ouagadougou by promoting mobility and developing secondary centers. The components of the PDDO II are :

  • Development of 25 km of roads for opening up or connecting peripheral districts: integrating signaling, public lighting and rainwater drainage.
  • Support to the mobility policy: improved circulation and organization of the urban mobility in Ouagadougou (development of intersections, maintenance of roads, support for mobility service, support for municipal positioning in the dialogue with the State about mobility and urban transport).
  • Development of the three secondary centers of Tampouy, Gare de l'Est and Katre-Yaar: investments to facilitate accessibility and mobility to and within these secondary centers (development of intersections, sidewalks, car parks, green spaces, service buildings, rehabilitation of urban roads, etc.).
  • Support to the project implementation: including specific support for the mobility issues.

Our mission

Our mission concerns the feasibility study of the project and the detailed design of the priority works.
The assignment is conducted in three phases:

  • Phase 1 relates to the establishment of the diagnosis and subsequently to a Priority Action Plan for the PDDO II (over 4 years). It will develop a diagnosis of urban mobility in Ouagadougou and the three secondary centers of Tampouy, Gare de l'Est and Katre-Yaar (as defined in the land use plan) and formalize recommendations and a priority action plan for mobility and development of secondary centers.
  • Phase 2 concerns the technical and financial feasibility of the priority works as defined in the action plan validated at the end of Phase 1.
  • Phase 3 concerns:
    • the development of the preliminary design of the selected priority investments (equipments and works).
    • the environmental and social impact study and the environmental and social management plan of the priority actions.
    • the detailed design and tender documents of the streets of Pissy, Gulf of Sirte and Jean Baptiste Ouedragogo (about 10 km).
    • the formulation of a capacity building program for the municipal project management and its partners.