Development and asphalting of the Blolequin - Toulepleu - Liberia border road (65km)


Ivory Coast


The present project consists in a 65 km long paved road having a width of 7.40 m.
The reference speed for the design of the project is 100 km/h.

The technical characteristics of the fittings can be summarized as follows:

  • Bidirectional roadway 7.40 m wide
  • Two shoulders of 1.5 m each in running sections and 2.00 m in agglomerations with 2 cm thick sand-asphalt (SA) surfacing
  • A 60 cm base course

The pavement structure is as follows:

  • Foundation layer made of 4% improved lateritic gravel: Thickness 18 cm
  • Base layer in untreated gravel 0/31.5: Thickness 12 cm
  • Asphalt concrete wearing course: Thickness 5 cm

Watercourse crossings in the project are:

  • One (01) three-span prestressed concrete bridge having a length of 115 m long
  • Sixty-four (64) pipes (reinforced concrete pipes with a circular cross-section of 1000 mm diameter) embedded in the embankments
  • Sixty-one (61) culverts (single and multicellular) embedded in the embankments

Our mission

Control and supervision of works