Feasibility study and detailed technical studies



The project is a component of Rwanda's policy to improve irrigated agriculture with water control, ensuring diversification and intensification of agricultural production and, from there, improving the livelihoods and food self-sufficiency of the Rwandan population. Following several studies and investigations on water availability, agriculture, potential and socio-economic conditions in the country during the preparation of the Irrigation Master Plan (IMP), these studies revealed that the Gatsibo district has potential irrigable areas of about 29,500 ha.

Indeed, this region is endowed with good quality soils, suitable for irrigation, considerable water resources, as well as human potential in search of development projects to significantly improve their living conditions. It is in this context that the Government of Rwanda, through the Rwandan Council for Agriculture, selected SCET-TUNISIE (in joint-venture) to carry out consultancy services for the preparation of a feasibility study and detailed plans for 5,000 ha (17,000 ha) of potentially irrigable land identified in Gatsibo district, more precisely in Gabiro farms.

Our mission

The study was carried out in two major phases:

Phase 1: Feasibility study, which aims to determine the main components of the project and to verify its economic and financial feasibility:

  • Baseline survey topics: topography, hydrology, soil survey, socio-economic survey
  • Preliminary drafts of the different technical variants of the project
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Study of the management procedures and organisation for the implementation of the project and Operationalisation
  • Economic and financial project analysis

Phase 2: Detailed technical studies and technical specifications to carry out the detailed design and technical specifications, which will enable the Contracting Authority to launch the tender.

  • Detailed design of the various project components
  • Preparation of technical specifications for works and equipment, which will serve as a basis for the preparation of tender documents